In the ever-evolving landscape of the fashion industry, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for brand survival and growth. Recognizing this, the fashion label Josh V embarked on a digital transformation journey aimed at providing a seamless, engaging shopping experience to its clientele. Therefore a platform needed to be built, that mirrors the brand’s ethos of elegance and accessibility.

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Josh V B.V.


PWA Development

Middelware integration

Security & Maintenance

Fashion ERP Integration(s)

Mollie payment PWA integration

WordPress -> Magento 2 integration

Supporting third party SEO/SEA/CRO/CDP


Deity Cloud / PWA

Magento 2



2012 - 2023

The challenge

In the dynamic intersection of fashion and technology, our agency embarked on an uncharted course to construct one of the pioneering Progressive Web Applications (PWA) for the esteemed fashion label, Josh V. Being among the first agencies to venture into this domain, the journey was as exhilarating as it was demanding.

Technical Complexity The nascent stage of PWA technology meant a scant availability of resources and established best practices. Our team had to navigate through a largely unexplored terrain, solving unique challenges that arose from the distinctive blend of web and mobile application traits inherent in PWAs.

Performance Optimization Ensuring a seamless, ultra-responsive user experience across a myriad of devices and network conditions required meticulous optimization. The goal was to make not just accessible, but engaging and intuitive, irrespective of the user’s device or network quality.

Cross-Platform Consistency Achieving a consistent look, feel, and functionality across various platforms while maintaining the brand’s high standard of elegance and user-friendliness was a significant challenge. It was essential to ensure that the PWA remained true to the Josh V brand ethos across all user touchpoints.

Engagement and Conversion PWAs were a novel concept for many users, and educating them about the benefits while ensuring increased engagement and conversion rates required a well-thought-out strategy. Our focus was to minimize barriers to entry and simplify navigation, making the shopping experience enjoyable and straightforward.

Future-Proofing Given the rapid evolution of digital technology, building a PWA that could stand the test of time and adapt to emerging technologies was imperative. Our foresight led to the creation of a flexible, scalable platform that positions Josh V at the forefront of digital retail innovation.

The TECH solution

The inception of a robust Progressive Web Application (PWA) for the distinguished fashion brand Josh V began with the selection of an adept tech stack. Central to this was Magento 2, chosen for its customizable nature and a myriad of retail-focused features, laying the foundational eCommerce layer for the project. The journey towards creating an app-like user experience on the web was propelled further with Deity PWA, which was integral in transforming the user interface into a responsive and engaging platform. Complementing this, Deity Cloud played a crucial role in ensuring a scalable, secure, and performant infrastructure, paving the way for a smooth deployment and operational excellence of the PWA. The harmonious combination of Magento 2, Deity PWA, and Deity Cloud formulated a sturdy and reliable backbone, setting the stage for the subsequent technological integrations.

The impact

The journey was filled with learning curves, yet each hurdle surmounted has not only positioned us as trailblazers but significantly contributed to the advancement of PWA technology in the digital retail space. The Josh V PWA is a testament to what can be achieved when innovative technology meets a forward-thinking brand, paving the way for a new era of digital retail experiences.

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