When considering a strategic digital partner, the success story of Disposable Discounter and E-Tales stands out as a benchmark.
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Disposable Discounter


Frontend development

Custom module development

Application development

ERP / PIM / WMS Integration

POS Implementation

Mirakl Marketplace integration

Supporting third party SEO/SEA/CRO/CDP



Magento 2


2012 - Present

The Rise of Disposable Discounter

From its inception, E-Tales has worked side by side with DisposableDiscounter. Starting as an emerging startup, it has now evolved into a dominant international player in the disposables and hospitality sector, marking its presence in over 20 countries with warehouse spaces five times the size of the average Ikea.

Our Joint Journey

In 2011, E-Tales launched the very first Magento 1 website for Disposable Discounter. As they expanded, so did we. At every critical milestone, we’ve been there: from offering strategic counsel to functioning as their ‘in-house’ development team. By 2020, we successfully migrated them to Magento 2.

Tailored Solutions for E-commerce Success

  • Custom Print Module: Instant quotations for branded disposables with advanced configuration options.
  • Advanced Shipping Module: Flexible rate calculation based on volume, weight, and location.
  • Waste Management System: Precise pass-through of SUP and WMF taxes, ensuring a perfect match with actual fiscal obligations.
  • Innovative Frontends: A variety of designs enhancing user experience.
  • Mirakl Marketplace Integration: Full-fledged integration for Bunzl, Disposable Discounter’s parent company.

Beyond Just Tech

At E-Tales, we believe in forging strategic partnerships. With Disposable Discounter, we’ve delivered not just technical prowess but have also played a role in shaping their strategy, staffing, marketing, and pivotal e-commerce decisions. This collaboration has been built on mutual trust and expertise.

For E-commerce managers looking to broaden their digital horizons: E-Tales is here to support you at every step of your growth journey.

Broaden your digital horizons

E-Tales is here to support you at every step of your growth journey.

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