meet the team

We are developers, designers and creators.

At our core, we are a dedicated ensemble of developers, designers, and creators, driven by an passion for the craft of digital development. But our passion goes beyond mere development; it’s about understanding the intricacies of each business, connecting the dots, and delivering solutions that propel brands into the digital future with agility, confidence and clarity.

our values

Our core values are founded in blabla…stop. It’s quite simple. our young, dynamic and knowlegeable team is a blast to work with. We know our strenghts and our weaknesses, and we’ll always be honest about it. Integrity, trustworthy and focus are keywords we live by.

our Approach

Our project methodology is systematic and intentional: conceptualize, craft, implement, and expand. For us, technology isn’t the endgame but a means to realize outstanding outcomes. What sets us apart? We master the tech landscape, ensuring it serves our vision rather than dictates it.

A distinctive partner

We believe in building lasting partnerships with our clients, grounded in mutual trust and shared success. We will really feel as colleagues, as if we are part of your team, and we share the same goals. Your succes is our success. We’re in this together.

Find us for clear solutions

While we prefer to focus on solutions rather than getting caught up in labels and tech jargon, we recognize the importance of recognision. So for those curious about the tools of our team, we’re open about sharing the diverse technologies and the stack that help creating our B2C and B2B solutions.


We offer a comprehensive suite of capabilities designed to transform your e-commerce challenges into growth opportunities.


We like to say “everything is possible” if it serves your goal.

E-Commerce & Marketplaces

We collaborate with esteemed platforms that frequently serve as the foundational systems for various environments.

Digital Marketing

While our talented in-house team drives many of these initiatives, we also proudly collaborate with specialized partners to ensure a holistic and optimized approach.

Meet the team

Our dynamic expert team is our greatest asset. Comprising e-commerce specialists, digital strategists, and creative problem solvers, our team is dedicated to delivering top-tier services that not only meet – but exceed- your expectations.

Leontien Hartholt
Project Manager
Tijmen Koppers
Head of Operations
Laurens van den assem
UX / UI Designer
Dominique de Maa
Founder & Director
Jan Abbring
Backend Developer
Aaron Poortinga
Full Stack Developer
Ruben Zantingh
Full Stack Developer
Jeroen de Haan
Stagiair Development
Backend Developer
Renze Dijkstra
Frontend Developer
Jochem ten Cate
Stagiair Marketing
Tatiana Mansur

Important partners we work with

Meet our trusted partners, whose technologies, services, and solutions play a crucial role in our work. Together, we collaborate to deliver impactful results for our clients.

Turn your challenges into opportunities.

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